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Financing Happiness

We serve every emerging need of communities, families, students and other individuals.

Achieve your financial goal

Finance progress for the under privileged who are denied and/or have limited access to formal credit.

Small Business Loans For Daily Expenses.

We serve the National agenda of “Sabke Sath Sabka Vikas” at its best.

Our Vision

To provide loans for personal and professional enhancement to individuals and households by leveraging on technology, proficient sales team and inclusive policies. The company has a vision to serve every emerging need of communities, families, students and other individuals.

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to explore potential markets and understand the prevalent banking and finance needs of the underserved. The company’s long-term mission is to make every effort to refine its quality of services in order to offer the best.

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Easy & Flexible


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We will match you with a loan
program that meet your
financial need.

We provide instant loans through
online platforms without pledging
any guarantee and collateral
with online documentations.

You can repay the loans
with flexible repayment tenures.

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Beware Of Fraud Online Digital Lending Application

That it has been observed by us that there are several digital lending applications in market which are illegally and fraudulently using our NBFC name. We have observed through the complaint that we have received from last couple of weeks from people across the country that several illegal digital loan lending applications including “Rupeehall, Sunloan, Cashair, Rainpay, IndLoan and LoanSathi” are illegally carrying a business of advancing loan to the general public by fraudulently using our NBFC name in their applications. This is being done in order to take advantage of our well established image in the market and to make a fool out of general public. These fraud applications are not just only stealing personal data of their customers but also harassing them in furtherance of recovery. Soon after receiving said complaints, we have lodged an online Cyber complaint, RBI Complaint and Police Complaint against them. Further, we are doing everything in our power to strike down these applications. Therefore in the light of above mentioned facts and circumstances, It is requested that kindly beware of the above mentioned applications and any online digital lending application which are using our NBFC name or represent to be associated with us. Kindly take a note that Total Investments Private Limited shall not be held liable in any sort of manner for any illegal deed committed by such fraud digital lending applications, further Total Investments Private Limited shall also not be held liable for any dispute or problem arising out due to the involvement of anyone with any fraud applications.